About Fiona

Fiona Calder of Genrooters

Fiona Calder

I am a keen genealogist who has recently qualified with IHGS (Institute of Genealogical Studies) in Canterbury. Based in the East Midlands (of the UK) I started my own research in 2000 mainly for the benefit of my daughter. As it turns out she is not really interested yet but at least she ‘knows’ where she comes from. Luckily for me, much of my research was in Scotland and the online records are far better than the Englaish ones which enabled me to make good progress through the generations. Having generated a monster tree I then realsised it was a bit meaningless so have retraced my steps to pick out interesting characters and family groups to dig a bit deeper and bring to life. Hopefully by sharing some thoughts, discoveries and knowledge it will help others also interested in their ancestors.

Check out my website at www.genrooters.co.uk


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