On our way!

Sunday 29th August 2018 – After an early start we are on our way across the channel. We had booked with AFerry and somehow along the way had picked up an extra passenger in the form of a pet. I have no idea how the additional passenger got on the booking but as I was not going to pay £10 to alter the booking I was prepared to live with the consequences. Luckily DFDS were not expecting us to have a pet so I am now suspicious that it was a ruse to gain an extra £10 off us!

We arrived at hotel Ariane in Ypres about 4pm and were impressed by the hotel and its close proximity to the centre. Ypres itself is a really pretty city which has somehow retained its medieval feel despite being pretty much obliterated in WWI.

We went early to the Menin Gate (so we thought) and were really surprised at the amount of crowds gathering so early! It was very moving but sadly we didn’t get the best view so will try again another night.

(sorry for the odd formatting of the video again!)

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