Giving that bucket list a good kicking!

28 July 2018 – Since a small girl I have always been aware of our very own war hero, James Archibald McPhee, my great grandfather. I grew up knowing he had fought in Ypres and lost his life in the battle of Passchendaele with his final resting place in the huge Tyne Cot cemetery.

Since starting my own family tree in 2000 I have often returned to this character to find out more. Luckily his military records survived providing lots of useful information to help bring him alive. I have his dead man’s penny and various anecdotal details about him: he was a signwriter by trade but was well-known locally in Glasgow for his singing prowess.

A few years ago my mum booked to go on her own on an organised tour to visit his final resting place at Tyne Cot. Sadly she broke her ankle and couldn’t go. She never did make the journey due to illness so I have felt a really strong desire to visit on both our behalfs.

In this and the following blogs are my video diaries, thoughts and tips.

(sorry the video placeholder is the wrong format – the video itself runs fine!)

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