It’s that time of year again!!!

voucher scanAs the summer in the UK seems to have ‘switched off’ immediately after the August public holiday, my thoughts have whisked from sunhats, sun protection and bottles of water to packing the summer furniture away and…Christmas!

In addition to making an effort to make many of the presents for my nearest and dearest (non-genealogy based, I hasten to add!), I do get requests for family tree help or gifts at the last minute which is a bit of a challenge.

It is very hard to research and create a family tree gift without the recipient knowing unless there is plenty of other family support. A much more practical idea is to give a gift voucher which the recipient can use at their leisure to start a family tree, convert their research into something ‘pretty’ or help with a brick wall. It’s novel and even if they get a similar voucher from elsewhere it is still of use.

Please see my website if you are interested

Now, where did I put that oasis foam and gluegun, best make a start on those presents now in case I still get a pre-Christmas rush on research!

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