Well, what happened there?

As I write this here in the glorious spring (or is it summer?) sunshine, I realise that all those long winter nights where I planned to dig in and get my research updated have passed me by. I don’t think I am unusual, but this winter has been difficult with a new job, a poorly relative, some private commissions and the general hub bub of day-to-day life. Before I knew it Who Do You Think You Are was almost upon me and I considered carefully whether to attend or not.

I considered what I gained from it last year…it was my first visit, and it was really interesting but I just didn’t capitalise on it. Still on the bookshelf is a bag with all the shiny new books, leaflets, some maps, CDs and magazines that have largely gone unread.

What happened, where did that time go?

So, sunshine or no sunshine, I resolve to get that bag out and go through it to get the maximum benefit. I’ll consider it my summer project! Then, maybe my conscience will let me consider attending again next year!