Christmas is almost upon us!


With most of us scratching our heads about what to buy our nearest and dearest I thought I would contribute some ideas for gifts for genealogists.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive item that may go unused, such as a subscription to Ancestry or FindMyPast, although for many this will be very welcome. Other gifts that genealogists would value include:

  • Page magnifier – for trying to decipher that faded, scrawly handwriting on original documents.
  • Subscription to a family history society – many genealogists research various parts of the country and an extra subscription would be a boon, but I suggest you check what they have already. They usually get regular journasl, access to other members’ records, specialist publications relevant to the area and access to a research room (please check as they do vary).
  • Your time – write down all the snippets that are in your head and present them to the family researcher. They will value this, especially if you can also track down any memorabilia too. Could be just what they are looking for to break down those brick walls.
  • Nice notebook for keeping all those odd notes and research – I find an A4 Moleskin is the ultimate but a smaller or cheaper option would be appreciated.
  • Certificate folder or lever arch file – these can be archive quality from one of the many online stores or an ordinary file from a local stationers.
  • Pencils – these have to be used in archives and record offices, rather than pens. Why not buy a ‘nice’ propelling version but make sure it does not have a built-in rubber as these are sometimes not allowed.
  • Finally, check out my online store for vouchers or packages to suit a range of budgets.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help.


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