Using ‘ordinary’ resources to unlink the past

Back in 2001 I became very frustrated about researching my father’s family. It is an unusual name – Wigston, but I struggled to find anything much about them which was hampered by the fact that I had not been in touch with them since my parents divorce in 1962.

In an odd moment of clarity in amongst all the usual historical references I had a light bulb moment to search the online directory enquiries for my uncle who had not only an unusual surname but had two middle names. I searched, not expecting much and to my surprise on the screen in front of me was the address and phone number for my long lost uncle. Without a heartbeat of hesitation I wrote a letter to him and the response I got back was amazing. The family have welcomed me into their world and by chance my uncle was a genealogist himself so now I had raft of information about this side of the family.

My husband was furious that I has been so ‘foolhardy’ in contacting a family as things could just have easily gone a different route.

The morals of this are: don’t overlook non-genealogy tools and don’t underestimate the power of looking at the past to unlock the joys of the family of the present.

Cousins Louise and Claire Feasey pictured above.

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