Hello world!

Well, this is the beginning of a brave, new world for me…blogging!

I have been inspired to start a blog having just qualified at the Institute of Genealogical Studies (IHGS) and wanted to share some of the discoveries, advice, pain and success stories that I come across with my own research and those that I carry out on the behalf of others.

Since 2000 I have been researching my family tree and luckily for me, most of the research was Scottish which does make life easier due to the amount of online material available. Originally, I naively wanted to got back and as wide as possible so that my daughter would get a sense of her roots and her background. After driving the family mad with my new obsession, I then had a ‘lightbulb’ moment looking at the wall of family tree I had printed out and added to. I realised it had become a bit meaningless as they were just names and dates on pieces of paper.

I then chose a much more satisfying tack by revisitng family groups or members who had something unusual or intriguing about them and decided to dig a bit more to bring these people to life to the point where I started to get a feel for what their lives were like when they were living.

While taking this new route I realised that I was probably missing alot of valuable information that was out there somewhere but I did not know where to llok or what I was likely to find. That is when I chose to take the qualification route and started working towards starting my own business when I retire (I am not there yet, folks!).

Over the coming weeks and months I will be posting a range of content which I hope you will find useful and will share with others. Any feedback is welcome but at this stage I cannot take on any individual projects or queries – I’ll let you know when!

Happy hunting folks

Fiona Calder
My family and I (me in the middle!)

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